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Closing pour strips is the most expensive concrete pour on a job. Formwork, shoring, and backshoring must stay in place for weeks, and crews must reassemble for small pours. The PS=Ø® system eliminates this costly and time-consuming step.

Pour strips are a drag on any construction schedule. They not only require re-pouring the leave-out, but also restrict worker access. By eliminating pour strips, the PS=Ø® system can cut weeks or even months from construction schedules.

The PS=Ø® innovative rebar coupler reduces the amount of concrete cracking which achieves a high level of concrete finish.
An open leave-out in a floor is a major safety hazard. Pour strips are particularly hazardous because they run the entire width of the slab and are impossible to avoid. The PS=Ø® system replaces dangerous leave-outs with a narrow, grouted joint.