PS=Ø® was developed by Gordon Reigstad, Ph.D., PE, SE, President of Reigstad Engineers, Inc. Reigstad Engineers, Inc. was established in 1979, and provides structural engineering, precast engineering, and parking consulting for new and renovation projects throughout the United States.

PS=Ø® was created out of a need to solve a problem in the field. In 2014, Reigstad was asked to help solve a problem on a project in the southern United States. Due to inclement weather and other schedule delays, the project was almost 6 months behind schedule. Complicating the problem was that the project was designed using 8’-0” wide pour strips which would limit the other trades from starting their work which added to the delay.

Reigstad’s solution was to use a rebar coupler to decrease the 8’-0” wide pour strip to 1’-0”. The solution helped reduce the schedule delays and brought the project back on schedule. Although, this was a viable solution for the project, Reigstad wanted to make the pour strip gap even smaller, and began researching, developing, and testing using existing proven technologies and how they could help solve the pour strip problem.

The solution is PS=Ø®

PS=Ø® is a mechanical rebar splicing system that eliminates pour strips and maintains structural continuity while allowing for volume change. It utilizes proven technologies with a tapered thread on one end and a grout-filled sleeve on the other. The system is an ACI 318 code-compliant full-tension mechanical Type 1 and Type 2 rebar splice.

Key benefits include saving time & money, no redesign, structural rebar continuity, safer construction, ICC approved, made in the USA.